A little something about me.

If your inspired, I’m inspired!! One of life’s true joys is finding something you are passionate about, whether that be a cause, a business, a sports team or that one thing that brings you closer to your life’s goals. This is probably what drew me to build a career in web development and design. I wanted to help as many small businesses and organizations as possible with the web presence to bring their message to the masses.
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I’ve been doing web design and development for over ten years and what started out as a fun learning experience has become a full-time freelance career.  Of course, I still find the whole creative process fun and enjoy helping clients establish their own presence on the web. Over the years, I have continued to take courses to learn more and improve my current skills finding new avenues to create better, easily accessible and user-friendly websites in the process.

This career has opened up so many avenues for me, and even though I am able to work at home, I continue to meet people from all over the globe, one website at a time.

New York State of Mind

I am a transplanted New Yorker living in the Washington, DC metro area.  Growing up in upstate New York, I had the best of both worlds within easy distance, wonderful nature (Adirondack mountains) and city life (New York City).

I am devoted to my New York sports teams, New York Football Giants, New York Rangers, New York Knicks and the New York Yankees.  I also follow Union College NY Hockey, George Mason basketball and Syracuse basketball.  To say I’m sports obsessed may be putting it mildly, but I enjoy the thrill of competition, the examples of inspiration in overcoming obstacles and dealing with disappointment and the joy of victory that you get from sports.

As a freelancer working from home, I have to find ways to set limits to how much time I spend in my home office.  My main option is reading.  I probably read about a book a day (except during hockey season) thanks to my tablet and Amazon Kindle.  Now these aren’t great literary works of art, but it’s a way to enjoy a story without overtaxing my overworked brain.

I also enjoy crafts, adult coloring books and home improvement.  It seems that there is always something creative to do and my Pinterest boards show that (along with the sports obsession).  God Bless my husband and kids for putting up with it all!  🙂

I’ve included my social bookmarks on this website so you can not only get to know my work, but get to know me as well.

I’ve found that you can find inspiration in just about anything, whether it’s to motivate you to make changes to your life or home or just to feel something for your fellow humans.  It’s everywhere, in nature, in music, in sports, in movies, in books and in your friends and family.  This is the world I embrace because in order in believe, achieve and imagine you need to be inspired!