It’s no secret that I am a huge sports fan.  Ask my friends and family and they’ll tell you it sometimes borders on obsessive.  Ok, borders is probably not the right word, it IS obsessive.

However, my love of sports stems from how inspired I can be by the talent athletes possess and the will they have to achieve the ultimate goals in their respective sports.  While I don’t possess any of that talent, I do have other talents and it pushes me to use those talents to achieve my own goals, and the goals of the clients I serve.

When deciding what to do for the redesign of my website, I pulled from the sports I love the most.  Hockey, basketball and football are all the sports news right now with the NBA playoffs (Go Knicks!) and NHL playoffs (let’s finish this season strong Rangers!) set to start.  Couple that with the upcoming NFL draft and the newly released NFL schedule and I’m beside myself with inspiration!!

And, of course, I can’t forget the Yankees, although their VERY long season with A LOT of games, doesn’t hold my attention nearly as much as the other sports.

How can you not smile when your favorite team captures a victory?

How can you now be inspired when an athlete does something you so physically amazing, you just know you would end up in traction if you even attempted it?

How can you not be encouraged when your favorite team bounces back from a game loss with a game winner?

And you know what else, it’s all relatively free to watch!  Freelancing isn’t always easy.  The pay is good, but it comes and goes and you are constantly working, even though you are home.  Sure we spend money on shirts, hats and jerseys (and the occasional game ticket), but it’s cheaper than going out to eat every week or playing golf.

I’ve had some of the best times with my family doing all those things involving our favorite sports so it’s something I view as unifying as well as inspiring.

If you’re not a big fan of sports, that’s ok, inspiration can be found everywhere.  Open your eyes to the world around you.  Watch a sunset or a child play with a ball.  Listen to a song that always picks you up or reminds you of good times.

Seek the good in tragedies and focus how so many rose to the call to help when others were hurting.  Grasp that there is a heck of a lot more good in the world than there is bad.

So, welcome to my new website where I get creative with sports, nature, music, motivational quotes and some fun. Hopefully, by showing a bit of myself, you can see how I can help you bring your own ideas together to showcase your business, organization or cause to the world.

Website design and development doesn’t have to be business as usual.

Get inspired and showcase your business or organization by setting yourself apart from your competition.